SalonBrazyl | Life in Color: The Chemically Dependent and the Naturalista
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Life in Color: The Chemically Dependent and the Naturalista

Through my professional experiences servicing natural hair as well as chemically treated hair, it has been a consistent "thing" that more chemically treated(relaxed or keratin-ized) clients who get color services experience breakage more often than The Naturalistas. This does not mean it is impossible to experience some often splitting or breakage after color services as a natural chic, but the chances are from less likely to not at all. This all depends on that client's daily hair care regimen after these services, their hair type as well as if protective products were used in the color process. There is so much more to say about THAT! Curious about coming to the uncharted territory and dark side of color for natural hair? Relaxed or natural? Schedule your consult at today and learn your options.

Tish Hankerson