SalonBrazyl | On The Prowl….
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On The Prowl….

"On the prowl" for a new Hair Guru?

First ask yourself, what are your needs? Examples: Style, Quick service(in and out), kid friendly environment, variety of payment methods, educated stylist, healthy hair, reputation, salon hours.

Then ask yourself some questions: Does the salon I am considering keep late hours? Can I bring my kids? Is this stylist educated/experienced on services I am interested in? Says who though?? Is this stylist focused on healthy hair? Are the prices doable? Many people have complaints after their experiences with new hair stylists. This is within their rights. The most important takeaway here is what can you learn to prevent any salon disasters while finding your hair guru? How can I be better prepared to give my new potential hair stylist my hair-fax,preventing any hair disasters from happening?

Do take all of this in consideration for a successful outcome while on the prowl....It's hard out here!!

Tish Hankerson